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Clog Be Gone Services

Closed Circuit Television Inspection of Sewers:
Utitilizing a special color video camera made to inspect sewer lines we are able to identify clogs and damage.The process can be recorded for later review and reference.

Sewer, drain and pipe tracing and locating:
In conjunction with cctv inspection we can trace and locate pipe located in floors, walls and underground.

We offer conventional pipe repair and replacement services, and "NO DIG" Pipe Patch repair.

Sump and ejector pump replacement:
We install Zoeller sump and ejector pumps.
We have chosen these pumps due to their reliability.

Battery powered back up pumps:
We install battery powered sump pump systems and battery powered inverter systems to power standard size ejector and sump pumps.

Power Rodding:
Is a mechanical means of clearing and removing obstructions within a sewer or drain pipe. A flexible steel cable with a job specific cutting head attached rotates to break thru and remove the clog.

Water Jetting:
Water is pumped under high pressure (3,000 psi) thru a specialized hose. Attached to the hose is an engineered nozzle designed to remove grease, silt, and tree roots in pipes.

Tree Root Removal:
Tree root removal is accomplished without digging up lawns or basements with the use of power rodding or water jetting.

Second Opinions:
Like getting a second opinion from a doctor, a second opinion should also be obtained before a repair. A second opinion can give you options.

We service:

Most of Cook County and Dupage County
Call us to confirm if we service your area.

Fax: 708-409-5197


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